Friday, 2 September 2011

Aspiring Bakers #11: Cendol Gula Melaka Agar-agar Mooncakes 晶露椰香燕菜月饼

Before I started utilizing my kitchen, I used to order agar-agar mooncakes from a ice kacang stall. The 4 flavours of agar agar mooncakes cost RM 18 per box and I would eat and eat and finish all in one day.

I would cut them into half and just hold the piece with my bare hands and munch away... 

1 month ago, when the mooncakes phenomenon started, I went back to the stall and was shock to see that the stall had been burnt down in a fire. There are no sign or whatsoever stating where they have moved or when they are starting business again.


I got no choice but to satisfy my own cravings by making some on my own!

This are the moulds I use. For the fillings mould, it measure 4.5cm in diameter.

I will be submitting this recipe to Aspiring Bakers #11 - Mid-Autumn Treats hosted by Happy Home Baking.

Cendol Gula Melaka Agar-agar Mooncakes
(Makes about 24 yolks, 5 Fillings and 5 Skins)

For the yolks:
1 tsp Agar-agar powder
40gm Castor Sugar
1/8 tsp Salt
150ml Water
100gm Carrots

1. Chop carrots into little pieces and steam for about 8 minutes or till carrots turn soft. Puree in a blender till fine.
2. Put everything together in a pot including the puree carrot and cook till mixture boils.
3. Sieve the mixture using a fine sieve. 
4. Pour mixture into egg yolks mould and let set at room temperature for about 30 minutes then chill in the refrigerator.
5. Unmould the yolks when ready to use.

Gula Melaka Fillings:
1 tsp Agar-agar Powder
50gm Gula Melaka (Chop finely)
1/8 tsp Salt
75gm Thick Coconut Milk/Coconut Cream
150ml Water
1 blade of Pandan Leaves

1.  Cook everything in a pot till gula melaka dissolves.
2. Discard pandan leaves and sieve the mixture.
3. Pour the mixture into little round containers that fits into the mooncakes mould and put in the yolks in the centre of the mixture.
4. Let set at room temperature for about 30 minutes then chill in the refrigerator.
5. Unmould the fillings when ready to use.

**edited 5/9/2011
For the Skin:
1 Tbsp Agar-agar Powder
105gm Castor Sugar
1/8 tsp Salt
150ml Thick Coconut Milk/Coconut Cream
375ml Water

250gm Cendol (Discard the liquid)

1. Mix everything in a pot except for the cendol and bring mixture to boil.
2. In a mooncake mould, put in some cendol and then pour a little of the mixture in. (Mixture must be slightly cool and thickens to prevent cendol from sinking)
3. Wait for mixture to be half set then put in the fillings in the centre.
4. Put some cendol on top then pour the remaining mixture in till slowly till full.
5. Leave to set at room temperature for about 30 minutes then chill in the refrigerator before serving.


  1. Looks good! I also want to learn agar-agar mooncakes. :)

  2. Haha.. its quite easy as long as u know how to operate a stove.. lol..