Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Aspiring Bakers #16: Fun with Fondant!(February 2012) - Round Up

Dear Aspiring Bakers, did you have fun with fondant this month? 

Thanks to SSB for the chance of letting me host this month's aspiring bakers. It was indeed a fun experience opening each and every email to look at the beautiful creations! 

Thanks to all who have submitted an entry, without all your submissions, this event would not be such a great one!

To those who did not submit an entry, fear not, do click on each link for more tips and tricks or even inspiring ideas to get started on fondant decorating!

Let me present to you the round up of entries of the Aspiring Bakers # 16: Fun with Fondant(February 2012).

1. Luv You Beary Much
by Fong's Kitchen Journal

2. Marine Life
by Passionate About Baking
3.  {Valentine Special} Edible Sugar Roses
by Hankerie
4. Valentine's Day bakes 01!~
by Happy Bakers
5. Valentine's Day bakes 02!~
by Happy Bakers
6. Valentine's Day bakes 03!~
by Happy Bakers
7. 巧克力戚风蛋糕 (Okashi 食谱) by 爱丝特の烘焙记录
8. CNY Mandarin Butter Cake
by iceamericanos
9. Hello Kitty Cupcakes
by Hankerie
10. My First 3D Fondant Figurine by ChunkyCooky
11. Baby Shower Cupcakes - Part I
by Hankerie
12. Baby Shower Cupcakes - Part II
by Hankerie
13. 2012 High End Fashion Cupcakes by Li Shuan
14. Birthday cake ideas
by The Sweet Spot
15. {Edible Sugar Flower} Wild Orchid
by Hankerie
16. Chicken & Mash Cake for Dogs
by iceamericanos
17. Black and Purple Theme Hantaran Cake
DayBab's Delectable Treats
18. Baby Sleeping by Passionate About Baking
19. Bonjour, Paris!
Cosy Bake
20. Bake Cupcakes for Charity Event
by Hankerie
21. 鲜奶油磅蛋糕 (Whipped Cream Cake) by 爱丝特の烘焙记录
22. {Edible Sugar Flower} Purple Roses
by Hankerie
23. {Edible Sugar Flower} White Orchid
by Hankerie
24. My First Fondant Cake by Cook.Bake.Love
25. Dinosaur Fondant Cake
26. Monopoly! by bakingoncloud9
27. Knitting fondant cup cake by Life Is An Illusion
28. Channel Bag
by Cuteycake
29. Castle
by Cuteycake
30. Cake Painting
by Cuteycake
31. Love is in the air
by Cuteycake

And for the lucky draw, the draw is based on the order of submission so there will be 31 numbers. I used for the draw and this is the result:

Congratulations to Jane of Passionate about Baking!! 

Please email me your name, contact address and telephone number by 10th March 2012 to claim your gift!


Do hop on over to his blog by clicking the link above for more information. 

p/s: Kindly send me an email if there are any mistakes on your name/link and I would amend it accordingly. 


  1. I'm amazed by everyone's creativity! Thank you for suggesting this theme and hosting. I'm sure it will inspire many bloggers to start decorating with fondant, including me! :)

  2. oh all so pretty!
    sorry i couldnt find time to play with fondant and participate in this AB event
    but really thks for hosting and compiling :)

  3. I am so impress with all those pretty fondants decoration from all the fellow bloggers. I love all of excuse me for not being able to participant...: p...
    Really thanks so much for hosting.
    Mui Mui

  4. Gosh! All the entries looked so lovely!
    Really like to thank iceamericanos for hosting this interesting event! :)

  5. Thanks for the consolidation! The fondants created here are all so beautiful! And thanks so much for the cutter too!

  6. wow! all entries are awesome! Thanks for hosting and congratulation to the winner.