Sunday, 2 October 2011

Angry Birds Fondant Cupcakes + Updates

So I have been missing for about 2 weeks. What have I been doing?

I made paus. Wendy's Purple Sweet Potatoes Rose Mantous. Butternut Squash Mantous from Carol's book. No attempt on fillings though cuz I am just too lazy to handle raw meat. Also baked 2 Pandan Chiffon Cake, made another batch of Dragon Fruit Agar-agar Mooncakes for my aunts.

Next, I have been making dinner 3 times a week. That's an improvement for me because knowing me and hubby, we are those who love to eat out. But eating out has been quite stressful lately because we just run out of ideas of what to eat. Therefore, I started cooking. For the sake of hubby's body weight, and Sam's solids.

Samantha is turning ONE in December therefore I realised after that, I cannot be ignorant and must start introducing adult food for her already. Not those seasoning-filled food though but real adult food like chicken, fish etc etc... Nowadays when I cook, I will boil some chinese soup. Lotus root, watercress vege, ABC soup.. All natural with chicken or pork. Before I season with salt, I will scoop about 300ml out and reserve for Samantha's porridge stock.

So I have also been planning Samantha's First Birthday Party and I am getting quite frustrated already. (More on that in another blogpost.) I was planning to make a fondant cake for my girl but decided against it after I went to search for more info on it. I think its too hard for a beginner baker for me and I would need to do a lot of practise and its a bit too late to take up classes. I search for some fondant lessons and most of them its either too close to Sam's birthday or its not detail enough. In the end, I found this Angry Birds Fondant cupcakes lesson on the net and I enrolled myself.

Here is my creation:

I finish all 6 pcs of fondant decorations in 3 1/2 hours. The cupcakes are prepared and colours are all mixed and rolled even when I arrived. We just need to spread buttercream and start covering the cupcakes with fondant. 

This triangle-shaped-bird is my last figurine and its the one I am most happy with. 

Beside 3D figurines, I also learned 2D ones. My verdict, I somehow find that 3D is more fun to make and 2D is a bit boring after some time... 

The class covered rolled fondant and gumpaste. I also find that covering the whole cupcakes with fondant with a little excess over the edges make things easier when figurines are placed on top.

I am now considering whether to make my own fondant and play with it for a bit first before buying a whole tub of branded one and decorate my cakes and eat it.

Oh, and I did not taste the fondant nor cupcakes till now. Haha.. A bit geli after playing with it for a few hours. My maid tasted and she said its like sweets. She said its nice. Well, everything sickening sweet to her is nice.

I smelled of sugar when I am back home and my dog was so happy and jumping and sniffing around the cupcakes. Let's just hope the cupcakes are still on my kitchen table tomorrow morning.

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