Saturday, 24 December 2011

Florenta Almond Thins - Easy CNY Cookies

You know sometimes during Chinese New Year, some relatives will bug you for HOMEMADE cookies? Worst still, these relatives are those people who doesn't know how to appreciate the hard work we dump in from frying the pineapples to tapioca flour?
If you wanna know, yes, I do have some of these relatives. 

I don't know since when did this product emerge in the baking supplies shelves but since I started baking, I've seen the owner advertising it. When a friend first told me how nice and easy it is, I didn't believe her.. It was till I saw a discussion group in facebook discussing this again and again and again....

Its called ... FLORENTA! aka FLORENTINE or a subtitute called Bienetta.

Source: Google Images
The texture are like white fine breadcrumbs and the instructions are simple.

Just take whatever nuts you love like almond flakes, sunflower seeds, pine nuts etc etc and pour them on to a NON STICK parchment paper. Next, simply sprinkle on the florenta powder onto the nuts and BAKE!

Sprinkle it on, like the picture above. 

The first time, I tried using 180c and the sugar caramelised way too fast before I could look, about 8 minutes its in the shade of dark dark brown already. It also tasted a bit bitter.

The second time, I reduce my temperature to 150c and it took about 12 minutes for it to be done perfectly.
Make sure you are around the oven to peek every few minutes. Sugar turns brown really, really fast.

Also, if you want to cut it into even pieces, make sure you cut it with a sharp knife when its still hot, not when its cool..

Lastly, I wish all readers a very Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!