Thursday, 19 May 2011

Wholemeal Chiffon Cake 全麦戚风蛋糕

I have some leftover wholemeal flour (全麦面粉) and found some wholemeal chiffon recipe online. Really curious how it would taste so I tried this recipe today.

After i finish preparing everything only i saw that the egg whites are about 175gm. My 4 whites only weighs about 125gm. Nevertheless, I proceed to bake it since the flour and liquid ratio are about the same as the other chiffons I have attempted.

The taste is really good! Its taste like wholemeal bread with a chiffon texture. The raisins I added gave it some extra flavour!

Look at the fine texture of the chiffon!

Despite dusting my raisins with flour, it still sink to the bottom... 

Wholemeal Chiffon Cake
(Adapted from: The Kitchen 70's)
**Make a 18cm Chiffon Mould

3 Egg Yolks
20gm Castor Sugar
50gm Corn Oil
50gm Water
60gm Wholemeal Flour
20gm Self Raising Flour

4 Egg Whites
50gm Castor Sugar
1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar

40gm Raisins

1. Using a hand whisk, whisk egg yolks and sugar till sugar dissolve. Add in oil and water and whisk well.
2. Sieve in self raising flour and add in wholemeal flour and mix well. (Mixture will turn a bit dry when u fold in your egg whites due to wholemeal flour)
3. Using an electric mixer, beat egg whites till soft foam. Add in cream of tartar and continue beating.
4. Add in sugar gradually and beat till stiff peaks.
5. Take 1/3 of the egg whites and fold into the egg yolks mixture and raisins with light strokes.
6. Pour mixture (5) into the remaining egg whites and fold till no streaks of whites can be seen.
7. Pour the cake batter into a chiffon cake tin and bang the tin on the counter several times to get rid of the air bubbles.
8. Bake in a preheated oven at 150c for 30 minutes. When cake is ready, take it out from the oven and invert immediately till cake is completely cool.

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