Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Blueberry Cheese Chiffon

While waiting for hubby to come home from work, knowing I have one whole hour to spare, I decided to bake this. Chiffon is the easiest to bake and use up a lesser time compare to others.

The cake did not turn out well. The blueberries sunk to the bottom and my cake did not turn out looking as a normal chiffon. It have large air bubbles and also rise and crack like a huat kueh!

See where my blueberries ended up?!

Funny how come it did not turn out well as I followed exactly to the recipe. Oh yes, I did banged my chiffon tin on the counter to get rid of the air bubbles. Hmm...

Look at the texture.. *sigh*

Blueberry Cheese Chiffon
(Adapted from: 孟老师的一百道小蛋糕)

35gm Cream Cheese
30gm Castor sugar
70gm Milk
65gm Egg yolks (it's about 4 egg yolks)
35gm Corn oil
90gm Cake flour
1 tsp Baking powder

135gm Egg whites(about 5 whites)
60gm Castor sugar
1/4 tsp Cream of tartar

50gm dried blueberries

1. Using a rubber spatula, mix room temperature cream cheese and castor sugar till well mix.
2. Using a hand whisk, whisk in milk till no lumps. Then add in corn oil and egg yolks.
3. Sieve in cake flour and baking powder and mix well.
4. Put cream of tartar and castor sugar into the same bowl.
5. Using an electric mixer, whisk egg whites till soft foam. Add in castor sugar and cream of tartar slowly and mix under high speed till stiff peaks.
6. Take 1/3 of the egg whites mixture and fold in to the cream cheese mixture.
7. Fold in the remaining egg whites and dried blueberries.
8. Pour the batter into a 8" chiffon cake tin and level it using the spatula.
9. In a preheated oven, bake for 10 minutes at 160c with top and bottom heat. Then turn to bottom heat, 150c and bake for another 10 minutes. In the last 10 minutes, turn back the heat to top and bottom heating and bake till cake is done.

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