Sunday, 17 April 2011

焦糖葡萄干小蛋糕 Caramelized Raisins Cupcakes

See, I told u I am in a baking frenzy! I tried baking this Caramelized raisin cupcakes today and I don't really like it. First thing first, it uses too much utensils. I need to cook some caramel to coat my raisins with them. This is the first time I cooked caramel and I don't know the end product is a success or not as it's not sweet. I kept the flames low and the caramel hardens back after I added water! The raisins are suppose to stick together after cool but it did not. They were swimming inside the liquid.

I was also supposed to put the raisins on top of the cupcakes which doesn't look pretty after it was remove from the oven. So to prevent failure, I scooped in some Nutella spread as a filling. Dunno whether the Nutella cause the cupcakes to be wet in the middle. Sigh...

Good thing about this book is the recipe are all small portion. I only manage to baked 5 pcs of cupcakes with this amount of batter.

焦糖葡萄干小蛋糕 Caramelized Raisins Cupcakes
(Adapted from: 孟老师的一百道小蛋糕 Teacher's Meng 100 cupcakes)

35gm Castor sugar
35gm water
35gm Raisins

70gm Butter
30gm Castor sugar (I use 20gm)
60gm Whole eggs
2 tbsp Milk Powder (I omitted this)
60gm Low Protein Flour
1/2 tsp Baking powder

1. Melt castor sugar in a pot above low flame.
2. When sugar turns to dark brown colour, add in water slowly and mix.
3. Add in raisins and mix well. Set aside to cool.
4. Using an electric mixer, cream sugar and butter thoroughly under high speed.
5. Add in eggs bit by bit and mix till even.
6. Sieve in flour, baking powder and milk powder and mix well with a rubber spatula till no lumps.
7. Scoop the mixture into cupcakes mould and sprinkle Caramelized raisins on top.
8. Baked in a preheated oven at 160c for 30 minutes or until skewer comes out clean when tested.

I added some Nutella spread by pouring half of the batter first, the a little bit of Nutella then the remaining batter.

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