Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Baby food: Rice and Millet Porridge (slow cooker)

Relatives have been asking me to start baby on rice porridge so I bought a packet of brown rice and millet.

Using a 1.5 litres slow cooker, I manage to produce a soft, melt in the mouth yummy porridge.

This porridge is not only for babies but can be eaten by adults as well. I ate some of it for lunch with fermented bean curd. So yummy!

The orange thingy are dice carrots and the green ones are peas.

Brown Rice and Millet Porridge
(Yields about 360ml)

1/4 cup Brown Rice
1 tbsp Millet
1 litre of Hot Water

1. Wash brown rice and millet till water turns clear.
2. Put the grains into the slow cooker and pour in 1 litre of hot water.
3. Cook on "auto" mode for 4 hours or "high mode" on 2 hours.

Alternatively, u can use a kitchen timer and manipulate the cooking time.

My baby used to take her brunch at around 10-11am. So what I did was to prepare everything in the slow cooker before I sleep and set the timer to cook at 4am till 9am.

Before serving, add in some frozen puree like carrots or pumpkins for a yummy meal!

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