Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Ultimate Baker's Dream - KA Mixer

After I started baking cakes, I have been eye-ing the ultimate mixer for bakers. The Kitchenaid Mixer.

All these while, I have been using a RM 89 stand mixer from Pensonic. It gave me good results in beating eggs and the normal cake batter. But of course, I really wanna try and lay my hands on bread dough.

Been contemplating to get a breadmaker instead but seriously, a breadmaker only bakes bread.Where else, a Kitchenaid, does what a Kitchenaid do! :)

So, I quietly surveyed the prices around and starting googling for more info and also asking some friends who are in the professional line of patisserie. One of my friend told me to get a Kitchenaid rather than Kenwood because Kenwood has a belt to run its motor while a Kitchenaid has direct heating. Now, don't ask me to elaborate as I really don't know what does it mean.

I found out that purchasing a Kitchenaid in Singapore will be much more cheaper and it cost about $779 for an Artisan at major departmental stores. In KL, the best price I found was RM 2400 nett. Since I have relatives in Singapore and I am going for a 2d1n trip during the Raya holidays, might as well I hand carry back. BUT... My cheapo mixer died on me. Sigh... It just doesn't go beyond the first speed which is so irritating when I need to beat egg whites.

Hubby being the ultimate hubby, knows exactly what I want. He told me not to wait anymore and just buy the Kitchenaid from KL. He said he lazy to carry it back from Singapore. LOL..

So we went surveying and found this. The Kitchenaid Artisan in Candy Red Apple.

Its a bit more expensive than the usual Artisan because it comes with an extra 2.8L stainless steel bowl, a pouring shield, a burnished metal dough hook and cake beater and the usual wire whip. We got a fairly good price after some negotiation.

I also got the Mixer Cover which cost me RM 119 to protect it from dust.

One more picture of my KA mixer...

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